Maragià fishing tours cinque terre

Off the coast of the magnificent Portovenere for a unique experience of fishing and flavor aboard our fishing boat, we are waiting for you!

welcome onboard

taste of sea

Taste the freshly caught fish on board our boat, its unique flavor will conquer you and be in your heart forever! On board we set up a lunch based on your catch.

unique relaxation

Our sea is an oasis of peace for us, our work the opportunity we are given to be outdoors, to enjoy the most beautiful natural panoramas in the world. 

our fishing tours cinque terre

cook your catch

A sea trip on board Maragià from 10 am to 4 pm and a lunch on board based on the catch. Not to be missed!

In our fishing boat moored along the promenade of Portovenere, in the sunset light, an aperitif and dinner with fresh fish from 6.30pm. Aperitif and dinner on board from 6.30 pm to 11pm. Maragià is waiting for you!

Aperitif onboard

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