WHO we are

a shared passion

game fishin in the cinque terre

Daniela and Maurizio, salty fishermen, are a true institution of the Portovenere sea, where they are the only residents with fishing permits in the protected area.

While Maurizio has always been fishing, Daniela has followed him on board for love and passion of the sea, and together they bring the best fresh catch of the day to local tables



For some time now, they have been sharing their day on board their fishing boat with those who wish to find the best spots to catch the tastiest fish and cook it on board.

Holiday fishing  therefore becomes part of their activity, a fun variant to the working day, to fish together with travelers from all over the world, fishing enthusiasts or curious, or eager to see the sea of the Cinque Terre from a less tourist and more genuine perspective



Ours is a perfect boat for motorboat work, equipped with a gill net, professional fishing tool consisting of a vertical and long net, left in the sea to “lurk” waiting for the fish prey to get caught in it

But this does not prevent the boat from also being a comfortable refuge to spend a few hours of relaxation at sea, and with the equipment on board, in a few minutes you can set up a good fish-based lunch

We welcome onboard guests with difficulties, the elderly and children in complete safety.


a sea of tranquility

one day away from the crowd

A day at sea, in the daily life of the fishermen of Portovenere, letting yourself be lulled by the waves, tasting the flavors just stolen from the sea and breathing the sea air … all this is truly an exclusive experience to give yourself.

Far from the crowds of tourists, the perspective on the wonders of the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre that can be admired aboard our boat will remain in your heart forever as an indelible memory of peace and wonder.